Ft Lauderdale Area Honda Dealer TireWe all know what tires look like and what purpose they serve, but do you really know what the tire markings mean? Most of us have no clue, so to help you out, the experts at Hendrick Honda Pompano Beach, our trusted Ft Lauderdale area Honda dealer, are here to tell you what the code on your tires is trying to tell you.

While some of us think it might not be important to break the tire code, it can actually hold a lot of valuable information for those who want to know specific details like what season the tires are used for, if it's time to replace them or if you’re a new car buyer who has a choice of size and type.

Crack the Code

Ft Lauderdale Area All Season TiresAside from the manufacturer name and tire model, some tires have letters that have a specific meaning; P means that it's a passenger-car tire, T means it’s a temporary or spare tire, LT means it’s a light truck and C means that it's a commercial tire. Please note that not all tires include a letter.

The first number after the letter is the tire's width in millimeters. After this number you will see a slash, and then another number, which is the measure of tire's profile, or the height of the sidewall relative to its width. After that you might see an R, which means it is a radical tire, and there is sometimes another letter that follows that tells you the tire's maximum speed.

The last number is the diameter of the rim on which the tire fits, in inches. Following the main code, you will see a set of numbers and a letter that is the service description. The number will represent pounds per tire and the letter represent the speed rating. You might also see letters like M+S, which means that it's an all-season tire.

There are other things that numbers and letters will tell you on the tire, like the uniform tire quality grade, treadwear, traction, temperature and tire age/date of manufacture.  If you would like more information on what your tire markings are telling you, feel free to browse our website or give us a call at 954-427-4744.

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