Some Honda drivers are pretty hands-off when it comes to their car service. If you really trust your mechanic or service advisor, you can easily just drop off your vehicle and know that it's getting what it needs.

But if you want to be a little more involved in the process, here are some great questions to ask your local car mechanic before you schedule service.

How often do Honda vehicles need an oil change?

The general recommendation for Honda oil change intervals is every 12 months, or at the recommendation of your Maintenance Minder; this integrated system checks your "oil life" by mileage, and alerts you when "life" has reached 5% or less and it's time to get it changed. If it's been a year without an oil change, though, you'll need one regardless of the Maintenance Minder's schedule.

How do I know when my brakes need to be replaced?

Squealing; screeching; shuddering in the steering wheel while braking; a burning smell; the inability to stop quickly; having to push the brake pedal down to the floor just to bring your vehicle to a halt. All of these are red flags telling you to replace or repair your brakes.

Do I need winter tires... even in Pompano Beach?

If you'll be traveling a lot this winter season, anywhere north, or if you live in a region where the temperature frequently dips below 45 degrees, winter tires are just a smart choice. Modern winter tires are better equipped to handle the odd warm day, so you're not taking any real risk switching from your summer or all-seasons for a few months.

Can I just get all-season tires instead?

For the general Florida climate, all-season tires will likely be acceptable for your daily driving, as long as you won't be going out-of-state or driving in worse weather than rain.

Do you have more questions about car service in Pompano Beach?

We encourage you contact our technician team online, give us a call, or stop by in person so we can help you out. We're always happy to provide answers to the mystery of auto service.

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