2018 Honda HR-V vs 2018 Honda CR-V
Which is Right for You?


Buying or leasing a crossover is just a smart choice. Pompano Beach is bustling and busy, and there's always plenty to do. So, you want a vehicle that can pack up and go at a moment's notice, but won't take up excess room on the road or in your driveway.

And while the Honda CR-V is an immensely popular option in Florida, the versatile and pint-sized 2018 Honda HR-V might actually be a better option for your lifestyle.

See why here.


Subcompact Crossover vs Compact SUV

Size, style, and price are some of the biggest factors differing the subcompact Honda HR-V and the compact Honda CR-V--both give you the confidence and quality that you expect from the Honda brand, with the great deals and service that you expect from Hendrick Honda Pompano Beach.

Compare the two options here:

  • The 2018 Honda HR-V is less expensive than the 2018 Honda CR-V
  • The Honda CR-V has more total interior cargo space (up to 75.8 ft3) than the 2018 Honda HR-V (up to 58.8 ft3)
  • In this comparison, only the 2018 Honda HR-V offers Honda's "Magic Seat"--the Honda CR-V does not
  • Both offer available All-Wheel Drive
  • 2018 Honda HR-V ground clearance is 7.3"--the Honda CR-V rides 8.2" off the ground
  • Both offer available Honda Sensing safety technology
  • You can lease a 2018 Honda HR-V for less per month than a 2018 Honda CR-V

Want to know more? Click the link above to explore new Honda HR-V specs, features, and trim levels; check new inventory to see what we've got available; or contact us online to get the scoop on the latest Honda HR-V lease deals and financing offers for December.


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